Our Advisory Board Members are liaisons to our members and serve an important role in our organization, including the following general duties:

1) Act as a liaison for fellow members of AzCC in your practice area, including separate practice-specific meetings or teleconferences to explore ways that your practice area can bring in new members, support the collaborative concept, and to bring concerns from your profession to the Advisory Board.

2) Work together with other Advisory Board members to create topics for study groups and role plays.

3) Work together with other Advisory Board members to organize member events.

4) Provide insight and feedback regarding training needs and opportunities.

5) With other members of the Advisory Board, act as a grievance panel in the event of member disputes and act as the arbiters of member issues such as non-payment of dues, rescission of membership, etc.

6) Meet at least twice per year in person and no less than four times per year by teleconference.

7) Each Advisory Board member will take a turn at running our Study Group/Role Play meetings (including prior preparation of materials).

8) Each Advisory Board member will take a turn at recording the minutes of the Advisory Board meetings and provide a copy to all other Advisory Board members for review prior to dissemination to the membership.

9) The term of service for all Advisory Board members is two years, commencing in April 2011 through March 2013.  If you are unable to fulfill your term, you will be asked to nominate and vet two alternate candidates for your position.

The contact information for the  current Advisory Board is as follows:


Co-Chair: Pamela Donison, pamela@donisonlaw.com, 480-951-6599

Co-Chair and Attorney Liaison: Mary Ann Hess, Hess@folksoconnor.com, 480-355-4254

Mental Health Liaison: Sarah Matheson, sarah@matheson-counseling.com, 602-952-0680

Financial Liaison: Charles Scott, charles@pelletoncapital.com, sheri@pelletoncapital.com, 480-513-1830

Mediator Liaison: Susan Bulfinch, sbulfinch@aol.com, 480-209-1295