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Membership Benefits

  • Collaborative Colleagues who share your vision of client-driven, peaceful resolution to disputes of all kinds.
  • Affordable annual dues in an organization geared to bring your collaborative practice to the next level.
  • Co-op marketing efforts, based on pooled resources.
  • Professionally created and maintained website with a comprehensive member directory available to prospective clients and other members.
  • Organized, structured study groups where you will meet with like-minded professionals to study and discuss the collaborative process.
  • Client information meetings where you will have an opportunity to meet and mingle with prospective collaborative law clients.
  • Regular collaborative networking meetings and role play events.
  • Organized group travel to the annual IACP forum and other collaborative events in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Affordable training opportunities, both in-person and via the web.
  • Online “one-stop” shopping for collaborative resources.
  • Professional management of the “guts” of the organization so that you can enjoy the glory!
  • Advisory Board opportunities for those interested in volunteering their time to work on membership, programs, community outreach, or training.
  • Members-only events throughout the year.
  • Discounted membership to International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (through “whole group” membership).

Membership Categories

Professional Members — $175 / year ($15 per month)
Open to Attorneys, Communication Coaches, Financial Specialists, Child Specialists, and Collaborative Mediators.  You must fulfill the professional requirements set forth by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals in their Practitioner Standards as described here.

Professional members are required to be members of IACP (“whole group membership”).

Student Members — $12 / year
Open to students in the professions represented by the Professional Membership Category.  Students must be attending full time in their field of study and be studying at the senior level (for Bachelor-level professional studies) or at the graduate level (for Master’s, Doctorate, or Juris Doctor professional studies).  Student Members must also have completed at least one semester-length course in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Judiciary – $0 / year
Open to full-time members of the judiciary, including commissioners, judges, magistrates, Justices of the Peace, administrative law judges, members of the Court of Appeals, Supreme Court, and the District of Arizona Federal Bench.  Fees are waived.

Membership Approval Policy

The Advisory Board will select the members of AzCC following review of a prospective member’s application and at the Advisory Board’s sole discretion.  Membership may be denied to any person without cause and any person’s membership may be rescinded at any time.  If membership is rescinded, the unused portion of dues will be refunded.

Member Dues

Dues paid in full may be paid in cash, by check, money order, debit or credit card.  Dues paid monthly require authorization for monthly charges to a debit or credit card.   Cancellation of monthly dues requires 30 days’ written notice of your intent to cancel membership.


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